Logic Colloquium 2024

Call for Contributed Talks

Note: Submissions for contributed talks have been closed.

The programme committee invites proposals for contributed talks. These can be on published or unpublished work, as well as work in progress. The abstracts of accepted talks will be published the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, subject to one of the authors of the abstract being a member of ASL.

Abstracts for contributed talks should conform to the Rules for Abstracts of the ASL and papers must be prepared using ASL template and class which is available below. Note that in order for your submission to be accepted you will need to uploade both tex and pdf of your abstract.

Troubleshooting the ASL template

If the ASL template is used with a new version of LaTeX, an error may occur declaring some commands are already defined. This does not cause problems: hit return twice in the compile window to bypass the error, the file will compile with the desired output. Please do not just comment out the offending commands.