Logic Colloquium 2024


Borja Sierra Miranda

University of Bern

Talks at this conference:

  Friday, 15:40, J336

Coalgebra for non-wellfounded proof theory

Authors: Borja Sierra Miranda, Thomas Studer and Lukas Zenger

Non-wellfounded proof theory results from allowing proofs of infinite height in proof theory. To guarantee that there is no vicious infinite reasoning, it is usual to add a constraint to the possible infinite paths appearing in a proof. Among these conditions, one of the simplest is enforcing that any infinite path goes through the premise of a rule infinitely often. Systems of this kind appear for modal logics with conversely well-founded frame conditions like \(\textsf{GL}\) (Gödel-Löb logic also known as provability logic) or \(\textsf{Grz}\) (Grzegorczyk logic).

We provide a uniform method to define proof translations for such systems, guaranteeing that the condition on infinite paths is preserved. In addition, as particular instances of our method, we establish cut-elimination for non-wellfounded systems of the logics \(\textsf{Grz}\) and \(\textsf{wGrz}\) (weak Grzegorczyk logic). Our proof relies only on the categorical definition of corecursion via coalgebras, while an earlier proof by Savateev and Shamkanov uses ultrametric spaces and a corresponding fixed point theorem.


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