Logic Colloquium 2024


Karl Nygren

Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University

Talks at this conference:

  Friday, 14:50, J431

Conditional inquisitive logic

Ciardelli [1] suggests a way to lift classical semantic accounts of conditionals that assign propositions to conditional sentences to the inquisitive semantics setting. In the resulting framework, antecedents and consequents of conditional sentences may be associated with multiple alternative propositions, and a conditional sentence is taken to express that for each alternative for the antecedent, if that alternative were to obtain, then some corresponding alternative for the consequent would also obtain. This type of lifting can be used to handle issues concerning disjunctive antecedents, conditional questions and unconditionals. In this talk, I consider the conditional inquisitive logics that Ciardelli’s lifting recipe gives rise to. In particular, I focus on how to construct axiom systems for inquisitive logic versions of various conditional logics.


  1. Ivano Ciardelli,Lifting conditionals to inquisitive semantics,Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT),(M. Maroney, C.-R. Little, J. Collard and D. Burgdorf, editors),vol. 26,Ithaca, NY: LSA and CLC Publications,2016,pp. 732–752.