Logic Colloquium 2024


Lutz Straßburger

INRIA Saclay --- Ile-de-France

Talks at this conference:

  Thursday, 17:30, J222

Lambek Calculus with Banged Atoms for Parasitic Gaps

Authors: Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh and Lutz Straßburger

Lambek Calculus is a non-commutative substructural logic for formalising linguistic constructions [1]. However, its domain of applicability is limited to constructions with local dependencies [2].

We propose here a simple extension that allows us to formalise a range of relativised constructions with long distance dependencies, notably medial extractions and the challenging case of parasitic gaps [3].

In proof theoretic terms, our logic combines commutative and non-commutative behaviour, as well as linear and non-linear resource management [4].

This is achieved with a single restricted modality.

But unlike other extensions of Lambek Calculus with modalities [5], our logic remains decidable, and the complexity of proof search (i.e., sentence parsing) is the same as for the basic Lambek calculus.

Furthermore, we provide not only a sequent calculus, and a cut elimination theorem, but also proof nets [6].

Keywords. {Substructural Logics, Permutation and Contraction, Exponentials, Proof Nets, Polarised Systems, Natural Language, Relativisation, Long Distance Dependencies }



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